Empower your skin with the energy of crystals

Face serums by Rêvolistic Cosmetics

Since ancient times, the benefits of stones for skin radiance and health have been recognised

Rêve de sérénité


A soothing and firming facial serum with semi-precious smooth amethyst.

Amethyst is a stone known to provide a sense of peace and mental calm. It soothes the mind, tempers anxiety and promotes serenity.


54.90 CHF

Rêve d’or


An anti-ageing facial serum for radiance, with semi-precious smooth citrine.

Citrine is a stone that beams, radiating joy for life and abundance. It is reputed to attract wealth and success.


54.90 CHF

Rêve d’audace


A regenerating and nourishing facial serum with semi-precious smooth carnelian.

Carnelian is a fire stone, powerful and energising. It imparts courage and increases self-confidence.


54.90 CHF

100% natural

Made in Switzerland

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Desire for something else, for novelty, for difference

The brand

Rêvolistic Cosmetics is a cosmetics line made entirely in Switzerland, using natural, high-quality ingredients.

The name, Rêvolistic, is the meeting of two words with a common etymology: Rêve (Dream) and Holistic, together meaning the desire for something else, for novelty, for difference.

Our commitment

We are a Swiss company with products exclusively manufactured in Switzerland. We are very demanding when it comes the choice of our raw material suppliers, which we select with the greatest care. Our stones come entirely from certified channels, which absolute transparency guaranteed.

The ingredients that go into the composition of our products are all superior quality, 100% natural origin and hypoallergenic, as are the essences used to fragrance our products, all of which are 100% natural.

We have chosen to manufacture our products exclusively in Switzerland to maintain continuous control of our processes, and we fully subscribe to the Swiss tradition of high-end manufacturing.

About the stones

Rêvolistic Cosmetics is unique in placing semi-precious stones in our bottles. Our products combine facial care and lithotherapy, a technique using the properties of stones and crystals due to their beneficial effects on our health.

Lithotherapy is a holistic energy therapy known to promote balance in the body. In addition, since ancient times, the benefits of stones for skin radiance and health have been recognised, notably improving blood microcirculation and energising biological functions.

The therapeutic virtues of stones were known to Native Americans and Egyptians, and are part of traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine practices: stones and crystals act on both the physical and psychological levels, rebalancing the body’s energies and vital functions.

Rêvolistic offers you the unique experience of turning to stones and their virtues. Beyond the skincare treatment, the invitation is to reconnect with yourself and nature: a special moment where energies are recharged and the mind is soothed.

Our bottles are designed so that, once they are empty, you can easily extract the lovely gemstones contained within and continue to enjoy their benefits and beauty.

clear glass bottle on brown textile

the founder

Cláudia Rodrigues

My name is Cláudia Rodrigues, and I am the founder of Rêvolistic Cosmetics.

In 2022, at just 25 years old and with a degree in business economics, I decided to bring together two of my passions: entrepreneurship and cosmetic products, embarking on the adventure of writing my own story by setting up my own company.

Rêvolistic Cosmetics is born of a belief: that beauty goes beyond aesthetics, emanating from each of us in the things that make us unique and unlike anyone else, in the emotions we feel, and in the desires we express.

It was therefore of deep importance to me to create products that could offer more than traditional cosmetics, a way of being in tune with ourselves, combining skincare and emotional well-being.

Today, I am delighted and grateful to present Rêvolistic Cosmetics, a brand born from what lights me up the most: a cosmetics line inspired by semi-precious stones. It is my hope that the brand will be a way for you to blossom, as well.


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